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100 kilometers from Novgorod the Great is situated the resort "Staraya Russa". This is the oldest health resort was a well-known Russian aristocrats in the nineteenth century under the name of "Staraya Russa mineral water."
The resort has been functioning since 1828 and remembers the famous Russian artists, nobles and members of the Royal family. In those days water was sent to treatment for melancholy and sadness, anemia, nervous tension and other diseases. Leisurely promenade along the paths of Staraya Russa, and daily consumption is a useful mineral waters put on the feet and tender ladies, and the gallant hussars, and weak from having children. Read more

In Soviet times, the resort has continued, moreover, there was improved medical facilities and introduced new methods of treatment. In our time the resort "Staraya Russa" combines well-developed infrastructure and historical and cultural traditions of the past centuries. Hide

Who needs to come to the resort?

Курорт AMAKS Старая Русса отдых и лечение 2017
Away from the hustle and bustle, in a beautiful picturesque place with clean air, you can relax. A unique mineral water and healing mud helps to cure many diseases. Treatment in the health resort "Staraya Russa" is effective in metabolic disturbances and digestive system, diseases of the nervous and respiratory systems. Special techniques help to restore health with stress, neuroses, infertility and pain in the spine.

The most effective old Russian mud and mineral water for gastritis, obesity, arthritis, psoriasis and chronic bronchitis. Special procedures help to improve the condition of skin and hair, to get rid of cellulite and excess weight.
Sanatorium-and-Spa program "the Sanatorium permit"
Reduction or disappearance of clinical manifestations of diseases, reducing the frequency of relapses and improved overall health and psycho-emotional status.
Lose weight without stress
The program promotes weight loss, improved appearance, increased tolerance to physical exercise and improve efficiency.
Restoration and improvement of the emotional state of the body, relieve nervous tension, increasing resistance to stress.
Complex therapy of diseases of the spine
The relief of pain, restoration of mobility of the spine, reduce high muscle tension, improving blood supply to the intervertebral discs.
Treatment of female infertility
Restoring fertility, restoration of menstrual function, recovery and stabilization of reversible of irreversible changes in the female pelvic organs.
Wellness program
The cost of Wellness includes: accommodation, three meals a day (FB) on the system "buffet", LFK, p asemenea skills (depending on the number of days of stay) , a daily entertainment program for adults and children.

Six reasons to book the ticket right now:

  • Unique mud and water.

The "highlight" of the resort – mud "old Russian". Hydrogen sulphide, iron, mineral salts and biologically active substances do these dirt best for medicinal properties among the European counterparts. Old water contains sodium, magnesium, calcium and chlorine and is successfully used in the treatment and prevention of different types of diseases.

  • Mineral salt lakes and drinking sources.

The main attraction of the resort – flowing in winter and in summer, mineral fountain, which is annually consecrated by the Church. All these natural healing factors able to cure diseases of the stomach, spine, nervous system, female infertility and many others.

  • The professionalism of the staff.

In the resort there is a friendly, family atmosphere even. The resort staff are always ready to listen to wishes of tourists, and the skill and knowledge of experienced doctors help to restore health and strength. The health resort "Staraya Russa" has a long tradition and unique methods of treatment. All doctors are highly qualified and experienced. There are experts, awarded the medal "For merits before Fatherland". But in addition to the high qualification of the staff is friendly, warm and attentive attitude to patients.

  • Well-developed infrastructure.

There are mud baths, baths, the Park and the alley of health, diagnostic and treatment building, treatment the beach, recreation center. Very popular modern aquatic center, which includes adult and children's pools, a Finnish sauna made of canadian cedar. Guests will be provided with residential housing, with comfortable single and double rooms.

  • The wide direction.

"Staraya Russa" offers several specialized programs aimed at treating specific diseases. Package includes a large number of procedures 5-7 a day. If you don't need treatment, you can always order the program to stay. The resort provides a wide choice of excursions in picturesque places of the Novgorod and entertainment on site.

  • Vacation for all.

Staraya Russa is ready to accept adults and children. For younger guests, the resort includes a Playground, children's room(subject to the purchase of health resort vouchers), special children's menu, animation and discos, master classes and creative play.

Want to join real, healthy recreation? Then call and book a ticket to "Staraya Russa" right now by phone +7 (812) 245-36-98!

Nebulaizer inhalation therapy
Magnetic therapy
Shortwave ultraviolet irradiation
Mineral baths
Dry carbon dioxide baths
Phonophoresis of medicinal preparations
Circular shower

Methods of treatment in the health resort "Staraya Russa"

The main healing factors of the resort are the mineral waters and mud. For the treatment of "Staraya Russa" uses methods that have proven effective over many years of use.

  • The main thing is climatic factors. The resort's location provides patients with a comfortable stay that do not require acclimatization. Fresh air, rich with ions of bromine and magnesium, as well as beautiful nature help you to relax from the bustle of the city.
  • Staraya Russa is a balneologic resort. The treatment is effective due to its healing mineral waters. Drinking is magnesium chloride-calcium-sodium water. Bromine water for bathing, irrigation, and showers. But the main asset of the resort are sulfide-silt mud "old Russian", which has no analogues in the world for efficiency.
  • Physiotherapy treatment in the sanatorium is provided with modern equipment. This amplimmune and apparatus for UHF therapy, halotherapy, electrophoresis, ultraviolet irradiation, laser therapy, darsonvalization.
  • Also widely used therapeutic exercise, training in the gym, swimming pool, Nordic walking, massages and psychotherapy.
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