AMAKS Staraya Russa Novgorod region
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Treatment and rehabilitation

One of the oldest resorts in the North-West of Russia is "Staraya Russa". It is 100 km from Novgorod on the territory of a noble mansion in a beautiful Park. The combination of healing natural-climatic factors and modern equipment of the resort provides a comfortable stay and effective rehabilitation.

Who needs to come to the resort?

Away from the hustle and bustle, in a beautiful picturesque place with clean air, you can relax. A unique mineral water and healing mud helps to cure many diseases. Treatment in the health resort "Staraya Russa" is effective in metabolic disturbances and digestive system, diseases of the nervous and respiratory systems. Special techniques help to restore health with stress, neuroses, infertility and pain in the spine. The most effective old Russian mud and mineral water for gastritis, obesity, arthritis, psoriasis and chronic bronchitis. Special procedures help to improve the condition of skin and hair, to get rid of cellulite and excess weight.

The staff of the resort

The health resort "Staraya Russa" has a long tradition and unique methods of treatment. All doctors are highly qualified and experienced. There are experts, awarded the medal "For merits before Fatherland". But in addition to the high qualification of the staff is friendly, warm and attentive attitude to patients.

The resort is popular for its unique medicinal factors, a large number of daily treatments and a warm and homely atmosphere. In "Staraya Russa" can improve your health and rest well.

Select from the list system of the bodyto which You are interested in illness, after which You will be able to find information on the possibilities of its treatment in the resort "Staraya Russa".

Please note that the appointment procedures for Resort guests over the age of 70 years is made only after consultation with the attending physician in the primary reception on the day of settlement.

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