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Phonophoresis of medicinal preparations

Phonophoresis of drugs – combined effect on the body and the ultrasound applied to the skin or mucous membranes of the drug substance. The duration of exposure on a particular portion of the body 2-5min. Therapy contributes to the expansion of blood and lymphatic vessels, improves metabolic processes within cells.

Indications for use

The procedure is effective in the treatment of neurological manifestations of osteochondrosis; consequences of diseases of the peripheral nervous system; chronic nonspecific inflammatory diseases of the bronchi and lungs; digestive system; skin; respiratory tract; gynecological and urological diseases; surgical pathologies.


Therapy is contraindicated in arterial hypertension and hypotension; coronary heart disease; angina; atherosclerosis, thrombosis, aneurysm of the heart; dumping syndrome; complicated peptic ulcer; diabetes; purulent inflammation; the presence of osmawani ulcers without prior rehabilitation; endocrine disorders; osteoporosis; dysfunctions of the autonomic nervous system, psychoneurosis, vegetative dystonia; bronhoektaticheskaja vibration diseases; syringomyelia; complicated myopia; Oncology; blood disorders; bleeding; high body temperature; intoxication; serious condition of the patient; cachexia; atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels and peripheral vessels. decompensation of the cardiovascular system;tuberculosis; epilepsy; psychomotor agitation; mental illness.

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