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Magnetic therapy

Magnetotherapy is a method of physiotherapy, which is based on the effect magnetic fields of different parameters. Treatment time 15-30 minutes, daily or every other day. The course of treatment 20-25 procedures. Therapy affect the whole body and its functional systems. It does not cause high temperature and skin irritation.

Indications for use

The procedure is effective in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular, Central and peripheral nervous systems; peripheral vascular; musculoskeletal and broncho-pulmonary apparatus; the gastrointestinal tract; endocrine disease; inflammatory eye diseases; diseases of the genitourinary system; dental, allergic and skin diseases; trophic ulcers.


Therapy is contraindicated in bleeding and inclination to it; systemic blood diseases; acute thrombosis, recurrent, thromboembolic complications; aneurisms of the heart, aorta and large vessels; cardiovascular failure; stable angina; severe cardiac arrhythmias; acute myocardial infarction; the presence of a pacemaker; diseases of the Central nervous system with sudden excitement; mental disorders; cerebrovascular disorders; malignant neoplasms; active tuberculous process; General condition of the body; infectious diseases in acute phase; febrile States; a sharp aggravation of chronic inflammation; gangrene; exhaustion; thyrotoxicosis; individual intolerance.

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