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Halotherapy (salt) is a specially designed room lined with somematerial and used in halotherapy. Halotherapy – a variety of medical, health, rehabilitation and preventive procedures, which consist in creation in the artificial environment of a specific microclimate, with properties as close as possible to the natural conditions of an underground salt i.e. speleo clinics. Procedures have a beneficial effect on all organ systems, improve overall protective levels of the body.

Indications for use

The procedure is effective in the treatment of chronic obstructive bronchitis in remission; bronchial asthma in the stage of decaying exacerbation and remission; hay fever; HR. diseases of ENT-organs; in the prevention of chronic diseases of the respiratory system; vascular treatment; neurodermatitis and atopic dermatitis; eczema in remission; chronic fatigue syndrome; increased sensitivity to stress.


The procedure is contraindicated in severe forms of disease; acute relapses and exacerbations; individual intolerance of the components of the salt spray; mental illness; tuberculosis in the active stage; the forms of drug dependency and toxicology; infectious diseases in acute stage; acute purulent diseases with complications; malignant diseases, tumors; diseases of, complicated by bleeding of any kind; blood diseases in acute stage.

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