AMAKS Staraya Russa Novgorod region
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Therapeutic programs of the resort-sanatorium Staraya Russa

Health resort programs

Sanatorium-and-Spa program "the Sanatorium permit"
Reduction or disappearance of clinical manifestations of diseases, reducing the frequency of relapses and improved overall health ...

Specialized programs

Lose weight without stress
The program promotes weight loss, improved appearance, increased tolerance to physical exercise and improve efficiency.
Treatment and Wellness program "prolong Youth"
In any age people want to feel good, look great and stay young. Extend your youth, You can Resort Staraya Russa!
Restoration and improvement of the emotional state of the body, relieve nervous tension, increasing resistance to stress.
Complex therapy of diseases of the spine
The relief of pain, restoration of mobility of the spine, reduce high muscle tension, improving blood supply to the intervertebral...
Treatment of female infertility
Restoring fertility, restoration of menstrual function, recovery and stabilization of reversible of irreversible changes in the fe...
Wellness program
The cost of Wellness includes: accommodation, three meals a day (FB) on the system "buffet", LFK, p asemenea skills (depending on ...
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