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Diseases of the female genital organs

Various gynecological diseases are often associated with a violation of the hormonal background of the woman, blood circulation, nervous disorders, or improper lifestyle. In most cases, inflammatory and non-inflammatory gynecological diseases in the chronic stage can be successfully treated in a sanatorium. And the main factor that helps to adjust the hormonal background of a woman, calm down and get rid of problems in the genital area, are mineral waters and curative mud. Therefore, the treatment of women's diseases in the sanatorium "Staraya Russa" is so effective.

indications for treatment

You need to go to the resort to Staraya Russa to get rid of exacerbations of endometritis, oophagitis, to restore the functions of the genital organs after surgical interventions. Treatment in the sanatorium "Staraya Russa" is useful in violation of the menstrual cycle, menopausal syndrome and infertility. Special climatic factors, healing mineral waters and mud help to establish hormones, improve the psychological state of a woman and recover from operations.

Treatment methods at the Staraya Russa Resort

The Staraya Russa resort is ideal for treating female diseases. The mild climate, fresh air, balneological and physiotherapeutic methods of treatment - this is what is needed to restore the functions of the reproductive organs and the hormones of the woman. Therefore, the effectiveness of the treatment of gynecological diseases in the sanatorium is 98%. After a two-week course in women, there is a decrease in the frequency of exacerbations, a decrease in pain and inflammation, menstruation and hormones are getting better, and menopausal syndrome becomes less noticeable. This is achieved using different methods.

  • The use of therapeutic mud containing antibacterial, hormone-like substances and biogenic stimulants. They are used in the form of vaginal tampons, electroplating and applications.
  • The resort mineral waters are helpful. They contain sodium, chlorine, bromine, calcium and magnesium. Baths, swimming in the pool, ascending shower, gynecological irrigation, micro enemas are used to treat women's diseases. /li>
  • Modern physiotherapeutic procedures are used along with traditional treatment. These include laser therapy, medicinal electrophoresis, transcranial electrostimulation, barotherapy, magnetic therapy.

The effectiveness of treatment in a sanatorium

Specialized programs to improve women's health, treat infertility and restore the functions of organs after surgery help women in 98% of cases. The qualified personnel of the sanatorium will create a warm calm atmosphere conducive to health. All doctors at the resort have extensive experience, so they sel ect an individual treatment program that works as efficiently as possible.

Any woman experiencing problems in the work of the reproductive organs, you need to come to the "Old Russa." Here she can not only relax and rest fr om worries, but also restore her health.

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