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Menopausal syndrome

Drug treatment menopause (hormonal drugs, antidepressants) are prescribed only in case of threat to the health characteristics of its flow. Often resort to drug therapy. In menopause it is recommended to visit the sanatorium-resort institutions for recuperation and healing the whole body.

In sanatorium-resort conditions shows the use of physiotherapeutic procedures, such as electrophoresis, baths, UHF-therapy, contrast showers. Also effective is a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and abstinence from caffeine. Important water, per day should be consumed at least 2 liters of fluid. Shows the fresh air, therapeutic physical training, massages.


  • Malignant neoplasms and suspicion of their presence.
  • Post-abortion period (before the first menstrual period).
  • Erosion and erodirovannoj of the cervix in the absence of special conditions for a thorough examination to exclude cancer pathology.
  • Polyps cervical and uterine body.
  • Dysfunctional uterine bleeding.
  • Cysts and cystoma of ovaries.
  • Uterine fibroids, endometriosis, fibrocystic breast disease requiring surgical treatment.
  • Vesico-vaginal and vaginal-thick/small bowel fistula.
  • Precancerous diseases of female genital organs.
  • Condition after operations for malignant neoplasms of female genital organs.
  • General contra-indications excluding a direction of patients to the resorts and in local motels.

Treatment Results

As a result of treatment in a sanatorium, it is possible to remove all the symptoms of the disease. Thus, the period of the extinction of the reproductive system of a woman is perceived much easier. The first positive shifts are observed in the nervous system. Stabiliziruemost sleep, is fatigue and irritability.

The consequences of not treating

The consequences of the disease affect not only the psyche of women, but also involve significant endocrine, vegetative-vascular changes. Appear the weight problems, plagued by constant pressure surges.
Menopausal syndrome is a complex of symptoms that develops in the period of fading of functions of the reproductive system. To the symptoms accompanying the syndrome include emotional and mental disorders, vegetative-vascular and endocrine abnormalities, skin changes, change in the organs of the urogenital system.
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