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Infertility tuboperitoneal Genesis

Treatment of tubal-peritoneal infertility is done by two methods, depending on the severity of the disease: medical and promptly. Medical therapy is taking anti-inflammatory drugs, injection of drugs in liquid form, the use of immunomodulators. Patients are also shown sanatorium treatment.

The Spa program includes a complex of measures aimed at relieving the inflammatory process and preventing the formation of new adhesions. Effective are physiotherapy: electrophoresis, gynecological irrigation, mud baths, massages. Staying in the sanatorium is shown on a special diet, physiotherapy and a walk in the fresh air.


  • Malignant neoplasms and suspicion of their presence.
  • Post-abortion period (before the first menstrual period).
  • Erosion and erodirovannoj of the cervix in the absence of special conditions for a thorough examination to exclude cancer pathology.
  • Polyps cervical and uterine body.
  • Dysfunctional uterine bleeding.
  • Cysts and cystoma of ovaries.
  • Uterine fibroids, endometriosis, fibrocystic breast disease requiring surgical treatment.
  • Vesico-vaginal and vaginal-thick/small bowel fistula.
  • Precancerous diseases of female genital organs.
  • Condition after operations for malignant neoplasms of female genital organs.
  • General contra-indications excluding a direction of patients to the resorts and in local motels.

Treatment Results

Virtually any infertility can be cured. Procedure in the resort Staraya Russa effectively fight the disease, or rather its causes. Doctors restore patency of the fallopian tubes, remove adhesions, working on concomitant diseases of the reproductive system. Most of our patients after therapy at the sanatorium have become mothers.

The consequences of not treating

Infertility has a negative impact on the psychological condition of women. Arise apathy, mood swings, frequent outbursts and even depression. For the correction of the emotional sphere of women in Staraya Russa actively working psychotherapists.
Infertility may occur due to partial or complete obstruction of the fallopian tubes. Develops obstruction due to adhesions that are formed as a result of inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system. Diagnosis tubal-infertility peritonealnuu put, if the adhesions are inside the fallopian tubes, and ovaries inside.
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