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Diseases of the digestive system

The human digestive system is very sensitive to the quality of food, the ecological situation and the emotional state of a person. It is very difficult to repair the impaired activity of the liver, stomach, intestines and gall bladder. Therefore, these patients are often sent to spa resorts. One of the best places with healing drinking mineral water, which favorably affects the health of the digestive tract, is the sanatorium "Staraya Russa".

For which diseases should I go to a sanatorium?

All diseases of the digestive system require compliance with a special diet, the absence of stressful situations and the use of special therapeutic agents. Thanks to the calm measured mode of the day at the resort, home kitchen with a choice of diet, unique mineral waters and mud of Staraya Russa, almost 98% of patients get rid of frequent recurrences of chronic gastritis and ulcers, constipation and hemorrhoids. They feel relief from chronic pancreatitis, cholecystitis and hepatitis.

How is treatment at the Staraya Russa resort

Treatment of diseases of the digestive system in the sanatorium "Staraya Russa" is carried out using the following procedures:

  • mineral, aromatic and pearl baths;
  • medicinal diet using fito and oatmeal;
  • taking Starorusskaya drinking water three times a day;
  • mud applications and rectal tampons;
  • intestinal irrigation and microcephalus;
  • physiotherapy;
  • physical therapy, swimming, training on simulators;
  • massage and hydromassage;
  • bowel cleaning procedures.

The complex of the above procedures allows to improve blood circulation and metabolic processes, improve immunity, normalize the intestinal microflora, cleanse the body of toxins, viruses and parasites.

The qualified personnel of the sanatorium will help you observe the daily regimen, select the desired diet and individual treatment program. A friendly attitude and a relaxed atmosphere allow patients not only to be treated, but also to relax in comfort.

Sanatorium "Staraya Russa" in the suburbs waiting for guests year-round. In order not to have problems with the work of the digestive organs, come to us. We are waiting for you!

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