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Pelotherapy (mud therapy)

Pelotherapy is a method of treatment based on the use of mud and its products. The duration of the procedure 10-15 min. Thermal effects of therapeutic mud leads to the formation of biologically active substances and produces analgesic effect. This is one of the types of treatments ordered in a sanatorium.

Indications for use

The procedure is effective in the treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system; diseases of the digestive system; endocrine diseases; gynecological diseases.


Therapy is contraindicated in acute inflammatory processes, benign and malignant neoplasms; diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs; bleeding and tendency to them; tuberculosis of any localization, circulatory failure II and III stage; hypertension II and III stage; severe forms of atherosclerosis; endocrine diseases and metabolic diseases; diseases of the kidney and urinary tract; liver cirrhosis and all forms of jaundice in the acute stage; mental illness; severe forms of neurosis and epilepsy.

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