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Cold paraffin

Cold paraffin therapy is enjoyable and a very delicate procedure that allows to relax and restore skin's natural softness and smoothness.
In the result, the pores open, the skin well moisturized, the nutrients are absorbed to the maximum, cracks, heals, aktiviziruyutsya circulation pass swelling and fatigue, subside the pain.

Just one treatment can rid the skin of hands and feet from many problems!

The effect of the procedure:

  • restore hydro-lipid balance;
  • increase firmness and elasticity, smoothing of the structure, rejuvenation;
  • accelerating the healing of small cracks.

Indications for use

Dryness of the skin; the presence of calluses and thick skin; symptoms of skin lack of vitamins; swelling; tension in muscles and joints; the pain syndrome in osteochondrosis and other diseases.


Individual intolerance to components of cold paraffin. Violation of the integrity of the skin.

Duration 30 minutes.

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