AMAKS Staraya Russa Novgorod region
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Excursions at the resort of Staraya Russa

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The history of the resort is inextricably linked with the history of Staraya Russa and Novgorod land. Resting at the Resort of Staraya Russa, You will be able to learn about the amazing history of these places, to know where went the Russian land, why here rested Dostoevsky and DOB, to learn how to cook salt and even a walk in the Park with the Spa lady.

Tours of the resort

1000 and 1 fact of life old Russian mineral waters
During a leisurely informative walk around the Resort, under the rustle of leaves, a large picturesque Park, the campers will learn about the rich history of the development of resorts, learn about the origin and the medicinal action of mineral waters and unique sulfide-silt mud, learn interesting facts related to the history of the Resort.
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Theatrical walk around the Resort
Accompanied by the Spa ladies of the XIX century You will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of the late XIX century, learn interesting stories from the life of pre-revolutionary Resort, meet heroes of the time and Resort to dance the waltz.
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The exhibition of archival photos of the Resort "Staraya Russa"
The exposition existed since 1973, is located in the Drinking gallery. Visitors can learn about the history and former appearance of the Resort, whose structure and decoration are not inferior to the best European resorts in the late XIX - early XX centuries, the Exhibition built on the basis of preserved photographs, postcards and documents, witnesses of bygone times
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