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Whirlpool feet bath

Whirlpool bath for lower extremities is a hydropathic procedure, by which thermal and hydrostatic factors regular baths enhanced by the monotonous movement of water in the bath (with a twist). During the procedure, the patient's legs are knee-deep in a special bath on the walls where there are holes. Of these holes out jets of water, forcing a boil water in the bathroom. The water temperature 36-37 degrees. The procedure allows for maximum recovery of muscular system and joints of the feet. Baths improve circulation, has analgesic effects, enhance the overall health of the body.

Indications for use

The procedure is effective in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system ; diseases of the nervous system (autonomic polyneuropathy); endocrine diseases (diabetes); musculoskeletal system; diseases of respiratory organs (bronchial asthma, chronic pneumonia); digestive diseases (chronic gastritis, gall bladder dyskinesia, chronic cholecystitis, dyskinetic constipation).


Therapy is contraindicated in hypertension phase III; coronary heart disease; angina FC III; violation of heart rhythm (atrial fibrillation, frequent ventricular extrasystoles, atrioventricular block); thrombophlebitis; malignant neoplasms; progressive glaucoma.

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