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Polychromatic incoherent polarized light

Polychromatic incoherent polarized light – a method of treatment based on harmless infrared radiation certain body parts. Duration 2-10 min. the Therapy enhances the activity of cellular enzymes, improves metabolic processes in the body.

Indications for use

The procedure is effective in the treatment of bronchial asthma lung; chronic tonsillitis; acute rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, chronic infectious rhinitis; seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis; infectious-allergic rhinitis; diseases of the sebaceous glands; infectious dermatitis; contact dermatitis; allergic; erosive-ulcerative lesions; psoriasis, lichen planus; alopecia areata; biliary dyskinesia; neurogenic bladder dysfunction in children. And when joining interkurrentne disease for the relief of initial symptoms; the prevention of recurrence.


Therapy is contraindicated in malignant tumors of any localization; all forms of tuberculosis in active stage; acute cerebrovascular disorders (spinal cord and brain); mental disorders and personality changes; infectious diseases in acute form; chronic asthma; decompensated tonsillitis, lymphadenitis of unknown etiology; photodermatosis; internal diseases in decompensation; individual intolerance of the method and the negative attitude of the patient to treatment.

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