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Fluctuating – a method of electrotherapy which is the use of alternating current.
The procedure is performed with the patient lying down. By using electrodes and special pads to the body of the patient is brought current. Depending on the current density, the patient may experience sensations ranging from mild tingling in the body and to muscle contraction. The procedure lasts from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the severity and nature of the disease.
Fluctuating inhibits the pain impulses in the hearth, and therefore has analgesic effects. Current improves blood circulation, increases lymphoablative and, consequently, helps the body cope with inflammation and accelerates the recovery.

Indications for use

Therapy fluctuorization current most effective treatment of dental diseases (periodontal disease, alveolitis, pulpitis, abscess, and many others), plexitis, neuralgia and neuropathy, causalgia, arthritis and arthrosis of the small joints, myositis, cervical degenerative disc disease and inflammatory diseases of the internal organs and some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.


Fluctuating is absolutely contraindicated for patients with malignant tumors, thromboobliterating processes, vibration disease, acute infectious diseases, hemorrhagic syndrome, hypertensive crisis, aortic aneurysm, OCD, a tendency to bleeding, Meniere's syndrome and individual intolerance current.

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