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Unique mineral water and dirt to help patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system.

Mineral water and mud — the best remedy for colds and respiratory diseases. Seasonal exacerbation of St Petersburg, is recommended to treat in Staraya Russa. For journalists held a press tour of the famous health resort. A small town in the neighboring Novgorod region is famous for its healing complex for almost two centuries. Balneologically one of the oldest resorts in Russia since 1828. According to doctors, unique mineral water and is not less unique mud can cure even infertility. Successfully fight here also with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. And about the old Russian dirt, and all legendary. It is mined there, from the bottom of the mineral lakes.

HOPE PROHOVNIK, General Director of the resort "Staraya Russa":

"The mud there is nowhere else such a unique structure no longer exists in the world and has no analogues. The mud we get here, a heated and over-the-counter treatments. Dirt old Russian one, we are the gem of the Novgorod region".

Local water cures diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Mineral water in the resort is literally gushes out of the ground, from Muravlenskoe fountain — the most powerful in Europe. There are special heated pool. To bathe in it more than twenty minutes is impossible. The effects of treatments patients feel after a few sessions.


"Water cures skin diseases, nervous system heals. Contraindications our: one pressure — not in our waters, who cardiogram bad — it is impossible. We even psoriasis treated. We have some visitors coming, even several times to be treated, what they like".

Since the mid-nineteenth century, the resort was visited by representatives of the Royal family, as well as famous writers, scientists, actors and Directors: Dostoevsky, DOB, Mendeleev, Gorky, Akhmatova and others. Today there are often lekatsa athletes. The hotel building is designed almost a thousand guests. Patients and tourists in the resort Staraya Russa takes year-round. The Ministry of health has included the complex in the number of 18 unique resorts of Russia.



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