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Host: The most important wish we tell each other is health Taking care of one's own health - not in words but in deeds - is an important part of the lives of many Petersburgers. You can improve your well-being in a sanatorium, especially since unique health resorts are not so far from the city, one of them is the Staraya Russa resort. Details - in the material of the correspondent Elena Petrova.

Correspondent: The peculiarity of this region is that since time immemorial, salt has been mined here from salt lakes that were fed from the depths of the earth.

Rushan - the so-called residents of Staraya Russa-actively engaged in salt production, and were famous for good health. Well, and if the disease happened, they were treated with mud, which was extracted right there in the lakes. However, centuries passed before this amazing effect was noticed by doctors: the city itself was founded in the 12th century, and a balneological clinic in the 18th.

At first soldiers were treated here, since numerous military settlements were located in the area of ​​Staraya Russa. The healing properties of mineral waters and muds were evaluated by the well-known doctor Haas, who studied them in 1815. In 1828, the life-doctor of the imperial court, Rauch, drew attention to them and, in an official note addressed to the emperor Nicholas I, expressed the idea of ​​creating a medical institution in Staraya Russa.

The resort opened in 1828, Count Muravyov, who headed the Ministry of State Property, played a major role in its development. On his instructions, the first stone building, the so-called Voxal, was built and the Muravyovskiy source was drilled, the most powerful self-flowing mineral fountain in Europe. 

In the 19th century, the resort became a popular place among the residents of St. Petersburg, and even today the majority of patients are representatives of the northern capital. Well, before the revolution, grand dukes, even the Queen of Greece, Grand Duchess Olga Konstantinovna, came to Old Russa for treatment. Poet Maikov, artist Kustodiev, writer Gorky, director Stanislavsky, actress Andreeva corrected their health here.

During the war, the resort was completely destroyed, but recovery was proceeding at a rapid pace, and already in 1946 the hospital received its first patients.

For centuries, the unique features of the resort are natural factors - mineral water and mud. Says CEO of the resort Nadezhda Porokhovnik:

- “sulphide silt mud is mined here; here is their deposit. We do not buy medicinal mud, we don’t bring it, but we extract it from the mineral lake every morning by hand, heat it up to the required temperature and release it for treatments. After using the dirt, we collect it and send it for regeneration. sulphide silt mud helps with the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, we do not cure it with drugs, we cure with the natural factors that we have - with mud and mineral water. There are 9 sources of mineral water in the resort, two of which are for drinking cure and 7 sources for balneotherapy. ”

Reporter: It is interesting that those whose work is related to the extraction of mud, never get sick. Vladimir Mazaev has been doing this for over 20 years now, his every day is built like this:

“Every morning at 6 in the morning I clean the lake and load dirt in the box.” 300 kg each - one box. A total of 6 boxes per day are required per procedure. After the procedure, we bring the dirt back to another lake for regeneration. ”

Reporter: Vladimir himself, according to his admission, took the procedure only once, and it is not needed because he does not get sick. Mineral water is also of great benefit to patients, mainly it is used for baths, and two sources, numbered 11 and 12 — they cure various diseases — are located in the new building of the drinking gallery. Says Hope Porokhovnik:

- “We extract the 12th spring at a depth of 68 meters, and the 11th at a depth of 80 meters, we heat it here”

Correspondent: Back at the beginning of the 19th century, doctors concluded that old Russian medicinal mud is not inferior to any other, not only in Russia, but also in Europe. Well, in the baths you can swim in the pool with mineral water, heated to a temperature of 28-33 degrees. That's just to carry water in a bottle to St. Petersburg does not make sense, because after five hours, it loses its medicinal properties. You need to recuperate at the resort itself, because here even the air is healing. Schedule of procedures - tight, but it is worth making time for an excursion program. The main brand of Staraya Russa can be called the house-museum of Dostoevsky. The writer lived here in the summer months from 1872 to 1880, he worked on the novels "Demons", "Teenager", "Brothers Karamazov". The parish church of the Dostoevsky family was St. George, built in the early 15th century. The miraculous Old Russian icon of the Mother of God is kept here. She is prayed for the blessing of family life, the salvation and protection of children, the salvation of the soul. The icon is huge in size, it is considered the largest portable icon in the world. Well, her miraculous help coincides with the way the resort positions itself:

"No one knows how many places created for healing, but it is known for certain."

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